TheFunkyStork.com is a site for new Dads with articles and resources. We decided to go with a new site software as the old one was custom made and didn’t provided for future expansion of functionality. The new site is managed by an open-source site software that will be easy to update content using a WSYWIG editor.

The client wanted to continue to manage their advertising campaigns using OpenAds advertising software and burstads.net rotating square, banner, and tower ads. I integrated OpenAds into the layout and the content, so that the client will continue to be able to use their existing advertising software with the new site software.
The site is fully compliant with all of the latest web standards as the layout uses CSS templates. The sitemap can be exported as an XML sitemap so that it can be used and validated by google.com. Ensuring the site was fully SEO friendly was essential to the client, so all the page names, site map, content, and METAtags are setup to maximize the SEO potential of thefunkstork.com
A Flash slideshow on the home page and site pages rotates through a series of images with accompanying description and link, that can all be managed from the site software backend.

Technology & Design

Thefunkystork.com ( view case study link ) Site for new Dads & families with many helpful articles and resources.

FrontEnd Publisher to manage all pages, without any technical knowledge using the WYSIWYG editor.

Burstnet ads and OpenAds web advertising software were integrated as square ads in content, and banner and tower ads in the site layout.

Search Engine Friendly ( SEF) Urls, META tag optimization , Google analytics, and Hittail keyword tracking were setup on the site to manage and increase traffic. Launch site

thefunkystork-articlepage thefunkystork-blogpage thefunkystork-homepage thefunkystork-marketplacepage thefunkystork-pregnancyalertspage

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