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Wordpress site to showcase creative design from the world. Designtastes.com  
Wordpress site to showcase music that supports social good. Concerts, bands, musicians, and organization that believe in the power of music to change the world. Musicgiving.org  
Wordpress site for Jaiaquarian. Musician, poet, spoken word artist. Multimedia options to showcase his audio, video, and photos. A calendar to keep fans up-to-date on his concerts and events.
Custom designed logo Custom layout and design for Wix based website for Masteryourbullshit.com. Parallax layered look with youtube view embedded player, and contact form. Custom postcards Twitter profile page Facebook profile page
Wordpress site for Music Composer John Mills-Cockell. Johnmillscockell.ca Front page slider graphic created from photograph of John Mills-Cockell in his studio. Custom project page for Stella   Photogallery with custom hover effect.   Contact page with google streetview embed and contact form   Custom designed mp3 player with...
Wordpress based site sharing and showcasing audio and video interviews on a variety of topics. Web site utilizes several plugins to automatically import topic specific media from youtube.com, vimeo.com, and soundcloud.com Intervu.us
Lo-fi Wireframes for Jaiaquarian.com Wordpress website.
I founded and am the Community manager a dogsVancouver since April 2009 – Present (5 years 6 months). The site includes features such as: * Business directory: 560+ dog friendly companies * Classifieds: lost & found, jobs wanted, adopt a dog * Articles:...
Custom designed mobile site for intervu.us    
A high-def wireframe of the Festival Stories member profile page for the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. Festival Stories wireframe slideshow
Designtast.es site using site aggregator from Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook social media platforms.  
Launchstories.com facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/launchstories
The pinterest page for Designtast.es
The twitter page for musicdailies.com with custom designed background and logo.
The facebook page for Dogsvancouver.com.
The facebook page for Designthem.es
The facebook page for Canadatalent.com
The facebook page for Musicsecure.com
The facebook page for Crowdpitch.me
English-Chinese custom designed wordpress for Centerpoint Canada Overall Centerpointcanada.com is a site to showcase the natural resource exploration and development company Centerpoint Resources Inc. The site is viewable in both English and Chinese ( Manderin ) to reach it’s target audience. A frontend...
Custom designed wordpress site for Greenlight Resources Inc.  
Custom designed wordpress site for the online magazine section of Canadatalent.com Canadatalent.com/mag is a multi-author magazine site about Canada Talent. Stories about talented Canadians or events happening in Canada. SIte users can search by tags or categories for the stories. The...
Custom designed Joomla site for Web Design site developdesign.com  
Overall TheFunkyStork.com is a site for new Dads with articles and resources. We decided to go with a new site software as the old one was custom made and didn't provided for future expansion of functionality. The new site is...