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    Venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and techies gathered in town for the second annual Grow Conference. This year, a new addition to the conference is the competition for Canadian startups to join Launch @ GROW. Fifteen finalists were selected to be at Launch night, and four companies were picked to demo on stage at the GROW Conference. It’s an exciting time for Canadian startups.

    Over the next few days, I’ll be interviewing some Canadian startups, event organizers and presenters. My focus will be on Canadians working in Canada-based startups as well as people working in the tech or venture capitalist business in Silicon Valley or New York.

    Location: Vancouver Convention Center – West Building
    1055 Canada Place – 3rd Floor
    Vancouver, BC, V6C 0C3

    Announced: 15 Startups to Demo at Launch@GROW

    The Growlab judges have chosen the 15 finalists held a demo for their startups at Launch @ GROW on August 17th. Congratulations and good luck to all of the companies.

    • is a curated marketplace for independent artists and designers. View’s entry.

    • offers the easiest way to order take out and delivery food online. View’s entry.


    • Hipsell presents a new way to buy and sell items to a wide audience. View Hipsell’s entry.


    • is the new auto-ship service that delivers the monthly essentials women have to (but sometimes hate to) buy. View Hoseanna’s entry.

    • The Jostle™ SaaS platform is the modern way for employees to navigate their organization and be more effective contributors. View’s entry.


    • MentionMapp provides powerful new ways to understand the rapidly changing social network. Starting with Twitter, MentionMapp displays the unique characteristics of how messages map, through the social community. View MentionMapp’s entry.


    • Rocketr is a cloud-synced, web and mobile application, designed for social notetaking across your public and private groups. View Rocketr’s entry.


    • Storypanda is building an iPad publishing platform for kids and parent to co-create kids stories together. View Storypanda’s entry.


    • Summify creates a periodic summary of the most relevant news stories, from all of your social networks, and delivers it by email and on the web. View Summify’s entry.


    • The Tiipz plaform gives businesses a brand new way to reach out and gain insights from customers by creating and sharing Micropinions. View Tiipz’ entry.

    ToggleMe with Tradable Bits Platform

    • With ToggleMe, you can create custom Facebook Pages and Places in minutes, and use simple apps to engage your fans/customers. View ToggleMe’s entry.


    • The Unbounce Landing Page Platform makes it easy to create, publish and A/B test targeted landing pages without having to rely on IT or web developers. View Unbounce’s entry.

    Warranty Life

    • Warranty Life provides free instant online access to receipts, product registration, warranty claim information and even manuals in one central place. View Warranty Life’s entry.

    • Wishpond is a shopping search engine that brings together all the products your local stores carry. View Wishpond’s entry.


    • ZapTap makes product-specific information and customized incentives available when and where in-store purchasing decisions are made. View ZapTap’s entry.
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