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    Kris Krug knows how to fill the house. I had to look for an extra seat when I arrived, because the room was filled for Kris’ presentation on the BP oilspill as part of FreshMedia’s first monthly REMIXOLOGY event. The event was moderated by the Vancouver Sun’s Dig Life columnist Gillian Shaw, on the topic “Toward Cooperative Media Making: How can professional and citizen journalists collaborate?”

    Kris Krug watching his slides from the TED x OilSpill Expedition, at the W2 Storyeum.

    I’ve seen Kris speak many times before and he is an engaging speaker. It was clear from the passionate tone in Kris’ voice during the presentation, that he was moved by his expedition to cover the BP Oilspill. The audience was given real ‘in the street’ journalism stories about meeting fishermen, local residents, and hearing how their environment, their livelihood and most importantly their Cajun culture was being threatened.

    Everyone in the room was touched by the enormity of the Oilspill through the vision of Kris Krug’s photographs from the streets of small towns, and flying above the ocean. One thing I’ve always noticed in Kris’ photos is his ability to bring a common humanity to everyone he photographs, in simple terms you feel you know the person and place he is photographing.

    I was at once disgusted by the oil covered ocean waters, yet awed by the beauty of the oilslick. I had to remind myself this wasn’t some big abstract painting, but a real event in a real place. Hearing Kris talk in layman’s terms about his real experience meant more to me than watching the many TV reports or talks from Scientists.

    Kris Krug’s full flickr slideshow from the TED x OilSpill Expedition.

    Gillian Shaw moderated the Remixology event. She was kept on her toes by Kris and the audience when the Questions & Answers or Discussion time took place. Hands were up everywhere in the room. Some questions were about the oilspill, the US Govt, and BP’s involvement in the clean up process, but many questions were about how Kris made a living travelling around the world covering events. I had to remind myself that the main topic of the event was “Toward Cooperative Media Making: How can professional and citizen journalists collaborate?”

    Gillian spoke with me about supporting Freshmedia’s Remixology event. She appreciates that Freshmedia is asking important questions on how citizenship journalism and traditional media who the two can co-exist and provide better content by working together.

    Gillian Shaw, Vancouver Sun’s Dig Life columnist ,( moderates at Freshmedia night at w2 storyeum.

    I interviewed Kat Braybrooke, who was a co-producer for of Remixology. It was clear from the full house that the event was successful, so we talked about the purpose of Remixology as an ongoing monthly event.

    Kat Braybrooke: Beyond Robson editor, and Fresh media ( ) co-producer of the monthly event, at Freshmedia night at w2 storyeum.

    For the final part of the evening, audience members were asked to stand up and speak for 30 seconds if they wanted to network or speak about their own social media projects. There was surprising number of people that quickly raised their hands to speak about their own work.

    The following are photos and interviews with just a few of the many creative people representing amazing projects going on in Vancouver.

    John Ornoy spoke about being interested in the line between traditional media and social media and how citizen journalists fit into the picture. He is producing a documentary called “With glowing hearts” that looks at the questions of how traditional and citizen journalists cover events in the context of the downtown eastside with the backdrop of the Vancouver Olympic Games.

    John Ornoy– Documentary producer of “with glowing hearts” , at Freshmedia night at w2 storyeum

    Gala Milne who is the co-coordinator of Media Democracy Day this year, spoke to me about the project which takes place on November 6th at the Vancouver Public Library from 12PM-5PM. One of the key focus’ of the event is having discussion about bringing together local and independent media producers. The event is co-produced by the School for Communication at Simon Fraser University, coordinating partner and co-sponsor Vancouver Public Library (VPL). Since 2001, Media Democracy Day has provided a place for citizens, activists, media artists, innovators, policy makers, students, academics to come together and engage in a dynamic dialogue on the importance of creating a participatory, democratic media system that works in the interest of people, not just corporate bottom lines.

    Gala Milne Co-coordinator of Media Democracy Day ( ), at Freshmedia night at w2 storyeum

    David Beers who founded web magazine spoke about their Tyee Fellowship. The web mag suggested to it’s readership that they donate to essentially hire a journalist to dedicate themselves to a specific journalistic project. Four journalists will be given 5,000 dollars each to write a series of articles for the magazine. The readers were able to submit their own story suggestions when donating money, which gave another twist on the term ‘citizen journalist’. Not everyone actually wants to write the story, so now people can have a say in what stories are covered by a magazine and help support quality in-depth journalism.

    David Beers, Founder of web magazine. ( ), at Freshmedia night at w2 storyeum

    Background on the FreshMedia monthly “Remixology” event, from their site.

    Toward Cooperative Media Making: Featuring acclaimed photographer Kris Krug (TEDxOilSpill and National Geographic). How can professional and citizen journalists collaborate?

    WHY //
    Because inquiring minds need to discuss! Because connecting and collaborating matters. Because Vancouver needs a launch pad for media innovation, and we want you to be a part of it.

    Social technology expert Kris Krug will share photos and thoughts from his recent trip to capture the BP disaster through TEDxOilSpill.
    Following this, we’ll open up to a broader dialogue that explores a big question: How can citizens, professional media makers, and everyone in-between collaborate to produce media for social change?
    Finally, there will be an opportunity for participants to do a “collaborator’s callout” where you are invited to do a 30 second introduction to a project you’re working on that’s relevant to the group. The gathering will close with a social/networking session including a cash bar, light refreshments and music.


    Kris Krug’s articles on the

    The Flash slide show of my photos on

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