Can we have more Pride? Yes! More photos and stories from the Gay Pride Parade






    I walked or rollerbladed with PFLAG. The group is dedicated to helping parents, friends and families come to terms with their gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered loved ones.

    The following photos were taken by Autumn Lamondin, who roller bladed with me on her first Pride parade. Roller blading wearing a mini and taking photos in the middle of thousands and thousands of people:  impressive. (Note: I didn’t wear the hat all day, but when we took a photo of a woman in a motorized wheel chair she asked me to put it on.)

    A photo of the woman in the wheel chair, who took our photo, attending her first ever Pride parade.

    Jonathan Hanley (me) carrying the Canadian flag to represent a country that allows Gay marriage and rights for Gay people. I wore the kilt in part as a dedication to my Gay dad, who has a Celtic background.

    In the photo below, everyone is waiting for the parade to start. The energy built  with music and color and excitement.

    The star of the parade is pictured below.

    Colorful drag queens were everywhere, including the lovely queen riding this unique bicycle with streamers.

    PFLAG group walking in the parade.

    A growing part of Pride is the Transgendered community, which is also a growing part of the PFLAG group.

    One of many vehicles that were painted or decorated just for the parade, typically with the colors of the Pride rainbow.

    The drag queens stole the show with their amazing outfits and style.

    If you’re wondering why she looks so tall, it’s because she is walking on stilts!

    Below is a drag queen who knows how to play to the camera.

    Looking like an angel with glitter and wings…

    A frontal shot that shows off the full outfit and angelic physique.

    Additional Pride parade photos from Philip Tong:

    Additional Pride parade photos from Rey Torres:

    External links:

    Philip Tong:
    Rey Torres:


    Jonathan Hanley is an entrepreneur, web guy, writer and photographer— into all things social media and communications. He has worked with international green groups and sustainable businesses for more than 25 years. Bringing people together by building and growing social communities for 14 years.

    Jonathan has blogged 27 posts here.

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