Handcrafted Branding & Communications Design
from Vancouver, Canada

What’s New

I’m interested in many aspects of Design and stay current on new Design & Technology trends.

Recently I’ve been spending most of my time taking online courses on Udemy.com and Lynda.com including: How to build Responsive design, User Experience fundamentals for Web Design, UX Design Techniques: Creating Scenarios and Storyboards, Effective iOS & Android App Icon Design, Mobile and Web Rapid Prototyping, Growing Your Business and Making Money with Webinars, Kickstarter Equation: 6 Elements to a Kickass Kickstarter, and too many more to mention.

My Communications Design work is framed my reading and learning on Mobile, Responsive design, Crowdfunding, Startups, and Webinars.

Web sites ( Built with WordPress, Joomla, Wix, Flash, and HTML5 )

Logo Design

Business cards

Custom designed business card for Designtastes.com
Custom designed business card for realtythem.es based on using my designed logo.