Handcrafted Branding & Communications Design
from Vancouver, Canada

Web sites ( Built with WordPress, Joomla, Wix, Flash, and HTML5 )

Logo Design

What’s New

I’m interested in many aspects of Design and stay current on new Design & Technology trends.

Recently I’ve been spending most of my time taking online courses on Udemy.com and Lynda.com including: How to build Responsive design, User Experience fundamentals for Web Design, UX Design Techniques: Creating Scenarios and Storyboards, Effective iOS & Android App Icon Design, Mobile and Web Rapid Prototyping, Growing Your Business and Making Money with Webinars, Kickstarter Equation: 6 Elements to a Kickass Kickstarter, and too many more to mention.

My Communications Design work is framed my reading and learning on Mobile, Responsive design, Crowdfunding, Startups, and Webinars.

Business cards

Custom designed business card for Designthem.es using my logo.  
Custom designed logo and business card.
Custom designed business card for Designtast.es
Custom designed business card for realtythem.es based on using my designed logo.